Medieval Period

The timeline that you find below has been a very helpful study guide to assist students using the book A History of Western Music. I strongly recommend this book. With its contents, art work, and media, it's just gorgeous!

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Medieval Period about 500-1400

6th c.
Rule of St. Benedict (Office)
7th c.
Ordo Romanus (Mass liturgy)
8th c.
Earliest Tonaries
9th c.
Musica enchiriadis (organum)

Scolica enchiriadis (organum)

Liber Hymnorum (Notker)

Laon 239

St.Gall 359

Chartres MS
10th c.
Ecce pulchra (sequence)
11th c.
Winchester Troper (organum)

Micrologus (Guido d'Arezzo)
12th c.
Santiago de Compostela (florid)

Magnus Liber Organi (Leonin)
Notre Dame Cathedral built
13th c.
W1, W2 and F (Magnus Liber)

Montpellier Codex (polyphony)
13th c.
Bamberg Codex (motets)
De mensurabili musica (Garlandia)
Ars cantus mensurabilis (Franco)
Aucun Lonc Tans (Petrus de Cruce)
14th c.
Roman de Fauvel (monophony/polyphony)

Squarcialupi Codex (Italian trecento)

Las Huelgas (13th c. motets)

Chantilly Codex (ars subtilior)

Fenice fu (madr., Jacob of Bologna)

Tolouse and Tournai Masses (3 v.)
Garrit Gallus (3 v. motet, Vitry)
Ars nova (Vitry)
Papal Bull: Docta sanctorum
Speculum musicae (Jacob of Liege)
Codex Ivrea (Vitry)
Missa Notre Dame (Machaut)

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